San Francisco Research Papers

San Francisco Research Papers

Research papers invited the student to explore a topic by bringing together material gained from outside sources to support a conclusion, typically termed a main idea or thesis. The thesis is the guiding principle of a research paper, and it is presented at the beginning of the paper. All of the research used in a research paper supports the thesis. The thesis explains what the paper will demonstrate or prove.

A research paper is written in an objective, third person way. This means that the essay does not contain the writer's own opinions. Instead, all of the material in the essay is supported entirely by verifiable facts from the writer's research or from expert opinions discovered through outside research. The writer uses these facts and expert opinions to defend the thesis and support the paper's main idea.

A research paper is intended to demonstrate the student's ability to evaluate sources and integrate them to reach an original conclusion. This typically requires the student to use high quality research sources such as academic journal articles, books, and educational websites. For most research papers popular websites, Wikipedia, and other non-scholarly sources are not appropriate.

The structure of a research paper typically follows a standard format. The first paragraph is an introduction giving the reader an overview of the topic. The introduction terminates with a thesis statement. Following the thesis statement is the body of the essay, which can range from three paragraphs to several pages depending on the length of the essay. The body presents one by one points that support the thesis along with the evidence from research that proves those points to be true. Following this, the essay concludes with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion that sums up what the reader should take away from the paper.


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